Accomplish Corrupted OST Recovery Without Wasted Time!

The moment, synchronization of an Outlook OST file fails with Exchange Server it becomes certain that; in terms of integrity or condition; OST is at risk of falling apart. This is when users start looking for a way that could help them perform corrupted OST recovery. By using a strong commercial solution recovery task can be done through executing conversion of offline OST to PST file format. Application moves entire data (emails, contacts, calendar and notes etc) from corrupted OST file in a healthy Unicode PST file that will allow you to work on all Outlook editions.    

OST File Corruption Error Removed

For performing a corrupted OST recovery, go for OST Converter tool built with finest set of algorithms and on platforms that ensure perfection and safety of data while processing it. The tool can also convert Offline OST to PST (of Unicode formatting) that will allow you to work on an upgrade platform.

What Else Makes Your OST File Corrupted?

  • Not being concerned about the ever growing size of OST files is a serious issue that later continues to cause oversize issue with the data file and ends up as corruption.
  • Interrupting the connectivity between Exchange and Outlook OST while it is in the middle of data synchronization; intentionally or unintentionally may turn out to be a serious issue later on.
  • In case 2003 version of Outlook / Exchange usage is continued with a different version of the respective application then, probably the issue is with the ended support and updates for both the applications from Microsoft. With the arrival of a latest Service Pack most minute issues of the previous SP got resolved. But since Microsoft stopped sending anymore updates for both applications of 2003 version inconsistency issues may be surfaced while using them.

Find Out Why Does Your OST File Keeps Getting Corrupted!

Outlook users who work with offline data files on a regular basis are more likely to face corruption than those who work with Server connectivity.

However, the first thing a user demands is a solution; “how do I fix a corrupted OST file?

But before finding a solution, it is necessary to be aware of the reason responsible for leading to the respective consequences. However, most error messages that appear at the time of corruption do not clearly depict the cause of its occurrence making it way more difficult for the user to get a solution.

Corrupted OST Recovery Execution!

There are a variety of ways available for overcoming each respective issue discussed above. In order to get back:

  • OST file affected with size related issue; users can make use of the truncate utility to cut down its size or get rid of the unnecessary data from OST file and compact it.
  • Offline data damaged with interruption of synchronization or any other unknown issue leading to corruption or integrity loss of the file can be resolve using inbuilt utilities offered by Microsoft. It is highly recommended to first process the file with Integrity check tool to find out its level of damage and then resolve it using suitable solution.

What Happens When You Open Orphaned OST File?

Whatever you do on an offline Exchange operated Outlook profile goes and gets saved on the Server as the Offline Data File. This kind of file doesn't need to be backed up as it is ultimately a copy of your data only.

Although, opening an OST file manually isn't supported by Outlook 2010 version. But when you add an account in your client; the data is automatically downloaded from the Server as soon as it is connected. However, it isn't possible to open an orphaned OST file on Outlook that is not connected with Server environment or is affected with loss of integrity.

NOTE: Not making a backup copy of Outlook OST file is what makes you a user data become vulnerable to permanent loss.