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Highly Advanced Algorithm to Locate Outlook Express Files and Export them

  • Ability to migrate mailbox data of any size to CSV format
  • Enlists all the machines within a network domain
  • Only login credentials needed to find DBX files on Windows PC
  • No Outlook Express installation needed for locating database
  • Compatible with all latest Windows 10 and earlier versions

Prominent Features of the DBX Finder

Locate Outlook Express Files on a Network Domain

It is a fast, reliable tool that enlists different path to OE folders set by users within a network. It can be used by administrators, IT professionals and non-technical businessmen alike. It is very easy-to-use with simple GUI and features that work with just a click on a few buttons. The DBX File Viewer helps companies keep a record of Outlook Express databases stored in all the machines. It helps them track mailbox size and different folders maintained by each employee.

Detect DBX Files on Network

Detect DBX Files on Network

The software has advanced algorithm to identify the database folders for all the machines on a network. It instantly enlists each system with a corresponding path of Outlook Express folders. The DBX finder helps an administrator with managing the different user mailbox more efficiently.

auto Create List of All DBX Files

Enlists All Machine Details

The application searches for files within a network domain with the help of admin username and password. It locates individual folder path for each machine and enlists those details for a user to see. The DBX File Viewer generates a list of Outlook Express folder path, name and size for each system.

Export DBX Folders Details

Search and Export DBX Folders Directly

This makes for easy and swift download of DBX folders directly to a single machine. One just needs to select a machine or multiple ones by marking a box before each. Then, choose a folder of choice to save different databases to a central PC. There is no need to have Outlook Express installed to run this tool.

Transfer Machine Information into DBX Files

Transfer Machine DBX Info in CSV

After analysing each mailbox within a network, one can export the details directly to the PC. Each system information with corresponding DBX file paths can be downloaded in CSV format. The DBX File Viewer helps in keeping a record of different database files stored in a network.

Steps to Find DBX Folders and Files


DBX Finder Tool Provides best and easily accessible user interface that help in search of all outlook express dbx files within machine or network. It helps users to easily search all DBX file information without any hassle. This feature helps in gathering all useful data inside DBX files


DBX Finder Software

Install DBX Finder Tool


Select Machine to Search DBX File

Select Machine to find All DBX Files


Enter Domain Credentials

PEnter Domain Credentials and All DBX Information


Find and Export DBX to Other Location

View all DBX Files and Its Details

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It has promising advanced features that can be useful for any business. I bought it for my IT team for better organization and planning of migrating Outlook Express. It helped them a lot in identifying the size of each mailbox and moving accounts accordingly. It helped us decide that batches to create to converse bandwidth and time.

Roberto James, New Guinea

Ours is a low-level organization with not more than 30 mailboxes in OE. We found that some of our employees were facing trouble opening and accessing mailbox data. No amount of manual technique was working. Even Microsoft support did not help. This led us to the DBX Finder that helped us download DBX files to another system. Thanx!

Reginald Norman, Paraguay

Managing multiple mailboxes is difficult in a company with hundreds of systems running simultaneously. Our team of experts always use this application to find Outlook Express DBX files for efficient management. This helps us know from a single point where the mailbox size is growing and needs instant more resources.

Melanie Bryant, Croatia

Our goal is to keep mailbox size to a minimum to avoid errors popping up. We suggest the employees to check email size regularly. We send trigger warning for those reaching the threshold limit. For higher management, we upgrade system and RAM availability. This all was made possible by this application.

Noah ChambersPakistan