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The Easy Operational End of the Software Lets you Know How to Examine Email Header Without Facing any Complications.

  • Forensic Recovery: This application comes with special additional techniques built with a highly technological input that let you even recover any deleted or corrupt forensic email message before examining it.
  • Analyze Email: The email header analyzer application lets you examine the header information of an email via different set of views that include, hex, normal, RTF, MIME Header, etc types of views.
  • Save Case: This email header analyzer tool is capable to store cases, which has been solved by our tool like as: After analyzing forensic email, cyber layers can store this evidence in software.
  • Export Evidence: The licensed version of email header examiner application also permits you to Export the Email Evidence, or even Email the message related evidences.

Perfect Choice for a Complete Mail Analysis

Email Header Examiner Software

Email header examiner application has been selectively designed with the capability of serving users with the complete information of any e-mail message headers. Email file examiner is one such application that offers users with the complete details of an email message from the respective mailbox. This application has been offered with the kind of capabilities of examining forensic evidence, forensic email headers, properties, analyzing techniques, etc.

Multiple Email Format Support

Multiple Email Format Support

The email header examiner tool supports more than 20 email clients such as MS Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes & Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

Powerful Search Function

Powerful Search Function

Some civilized search facility includes Fuzzy, Regular Expression & other logical search operators to give the accurate results during the investigation.

Multiple Export Options

Multiple Export Options

The tool supports exporting of email evidences into several output formats like PST, MSG, PDF, TIFF etc with complete data accuracy.

Export Case Report

Export Case Report

It is now possible to export the senders recipients report, domain wise report, domain wise senders report in HTML, PDF & CSV file formats.

Steps to Know How to Examine Email Header


Illustrative Analysis: The free of cost trial edition served by the tool offers demonstration of the software functionalities. You can analyze any of the forensic email header with ease but cannot export or email via freeware. Download and install the software to check working steps of the tool.


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examining forensic evidence

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Need of the Tool

Why Need to Get an Email Header Examiner ?

There are a range of issues that may damage an email header compelling you to examine the header to check for the kind of damage being done in it etc.

  • It is possible that a user may send you an email with a corrupt header, deleted header, or done interference with the digital signature of the email header.
  • Examining an email message is possible through its header information which can easily reveal the identity of an anonymous sender as well.
  • You can even know the IP address of the senders' machine.
  • And our application is an expert in lending you with all these details with the help of the types of email information viewing options provided by the tool.
  • Full version of the email header examiner tool comes at a reasonable price and lets you overcome all the restrictions.

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We have used MailXaminer tool to investigate header of emails founded in E01 files. The tool has provided us preview of all files in all aspects. We have never seen such fast and advance tool that helps to investigate emails of all types.

Spenser WilliamArgentina

The most appreciating quality of Email header examiner tool that I liked is forensics investigation of more than 20 + file formats support. I have investigate through Demoware and was interested in full version for resolving cybercrime held at one of the leading agency.

Krait WilliamsGermany

MailXaminer is completely an outstanding application for examining forensic evidence as the support it provides for different formats is great. We have analyzed thousands of PST file in different views that helped us lot, thanks for such support.

Methew JackKuwait

The search feature of MailXaminer tool is undoubtedly a helping hand for forensic investigators. For forensic email header investigation can be more easier when we filter our data according to needs, Thanks for such wonderful help.

Gail TaylorSouth Korea