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Forensic Email software

The Tool has a well Organized Interface to Make it Possible for users to know How to Analyze Email Headers.

  • Create Case, which want to Examine or Recover Deleted Forensic Emails
  • After that Analyze Email Header (hex code, HTML, RTF code and MIME etc)
  • Search any Email Evidence by To, CC, BCC, Subject, Body, From etc
  • Collect any Email Evidence from Mails, Attachments, Search etc
  • Send Important Mail Evidence Via mail to Other Person
  • Export all Evidence or Clue into EML, MSG, PDF, HTML file type.

Analyze Emails Prolifically

Forensic Email Software

The need of forensic email software applications has been gradually seen rising in the software industry because of rise of crime rate in the cyber world. People have come out with various technical tricks for giving rise to cyber related crime. But with the availability of applications like mail examiner; culprits won't be able to remain hidden for a long time. With the usage of this application investigators can quickly examine email messages in a technologically enriched manner which brings out the culprit red handed.

Support Multiple Email Formats

Support Multiple Email Formats

The tool supports approx 20 desktop email clients such as MS Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes & Thunderbird etc.

Quick Search Option

Quick Search Option

A quick scan facility is provided by the tool which helps to search emails by To, CC and Subject etc.

Multiple Export Options

Multiple Export Choices

The forensic email software allows exporting required evidences into PDF, EML, MSG and HTML file format

Export Case Report

Export Case Report

Simply export the senders recipients report, domain wise senders report in PDF, HTML & CSV file formats.

Steps to Know How to Analyze Email Headers


Once the email header has been analyzed, there is no chance that the criminal can escape being caught. And using the trial version of this forensic email software will help the investigators get a preview of its functionalities, facilities as well as the potential owned for examining email headers.


Forensic Investigation Of Emails

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Analyze Email in HEX View

Analyze Email in Hex View


Properties View of Email

Properties View of Email


Analyze MIME View of Emails

MIME View of Emails

Need of the Tool

Success Ensured With Forensic Email Software

A range of tricks have been discovered being used for stealing the personal or confidential details and information from somebody's account or profile. These activities have also been further used as methods to execute email bombing, fishing and farming an account, or using someone's identity to carry out criminal or offensive acts.

  • You can analyze limitless emails successfully via using this application
  • Email forensics analysis can be performed by examining the mail header in different views like; property, MIME view, Hex view, etc which help in revealing the technical details and information regarding the sender of an email.
  • Even if any email has been deleted from the mailbox being examined, it can accurately be restored back.
  • As much as 10 different mailbox file formats are supported by forensic toolkit or Forensic Email Search Program to help users execute forensic investigation of emails.

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The features associated with this forensic email software are simply outstanding. I must appreciate your team for their brilliant efforts. The tool can successfully analyze data from a number of clients supporting multiple file formats. The way it helped me is simply marvelous. Great work by the entire team.

Erica MoranDenmark

Undoubtedly, forensic investigation of emails had been quite easy using this exceptional tool. I am pleased by the way the Support team handles our queries. Following their footsteps our team reached the root cause of a case in quick time. Hats off to the entire team.

Dave LoweFrance

Forensic Email Software is the best email forensics analysis tool that I have found in 5 years of my career as a Forensic Expert. The tool is integrated with various advance features that help us a lot to thoroughly examine the mails in quick time. Thanks a lot for providing valuable help to us."

Era WarnerItaly

We often discuss among ourselves how to analyze email attachments as they always seems to be broken every time we download them. We were looking for an Expert Utility for this purpose and our search stopped at the tool. Special thanks to everyone who are behind the success of this tool.

Gail TaylorSouth Korea