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Apple DMG File Viewer

Exceptional Tool to Open DMG File on Windows PC and Preview Content

  • Mount and view unlimited data from a Mac disk image file
  • Allow preview of both read-only and compressed DMG file
  • Apply date-filters to simplify search for items stored within
  • Open and view files in DMG one at a time effortlessly
  • Works on Windows 10 and earlier versions(32 and 64-bit)

Salient Features of the DMG Viewer Tool

Open a Mac Disk Image File and Preview Data on a Windows PC

The software is specifically designed to open a Mac disk iMaGe(or DMG) on any of the latest Windows versions. It displays all the items stored in the image file. This can be documents, emails, photographs or software programs. The DMG File Viewer is a user-friendly application which simple GUI that has a Windows Explorer-like look. It has simple functionality that works with just click of a few buttons. It can be used by any IT professional or a regular naive individual.

Preview DMG File Details

Preview DMG Content on Windows

The program can open a Mac disk image on Windows PC. It displays each item stored within compressed and read-only files. The DMG Viewer can open multiple images that are added one at a time to the tool The software provides a preview window for each file and attachment separately.

Display DMG File With Attributes

Display Items with Attributes

An instant list of items stored within a Mac disk image is generated by the tool. A hierarchical structure of files is displayed on the left side of the DMG File Viewer. Clicking on any link will display files stored in with properties. This includes the "Name", "Created Date", "Modified Date", "Size(in MB)" and "Last Access Date".

Apply Email Filters and Search Details

Apply Date Filters to Search

The algorithm provides advanced techniques to search for a particular item using a keyword or a phrase. It can be further simplified by adding a "to" and ‘from’ date. This can help locate a file to when it was created, last accessed or modified. One can also choose a ‘None’ option to search entire disk image which may take longer time.

Analyze DMG File Details in Multiple Formats

Analyze Data in Multiple Formats

There is a facility provided in the DMG Reader to view each file in different tabs. This includes HEX format which can be useful from a forensics point of view. There are also one for viewing ‘File’ content and another just for "File Properties". This option is active when a file from middle pane is double-clicked.

Steps to View Apple DMG File


The free version of the product comes all the facilities to open Mac DMG file on Windows PC. It can enlist each item stored within with corresponding attributes. It can generate a preview of all TXT, HTML, MSG, EML, EMLX formats. A separate window is created for attachments stored within. One can even search with a filter using the DMG File Viewer demo version. But to save any file to the desktop, one needs to purchase a license.


Install DMG File Viewer

Install and launch the software on local machine


Click to Open DMG File

Click on ‘Open’ button to browse files/ folders stored in it


Preview Each Details of DMG folder

Preview each item with corresponding attributes


Analyze DMG with Multiple options

Analyze file content in multiple tabs available

Demo and Free Version

DMG Viewer Full and Trial Version

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Search, Filter and Extract Selected DMG  
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There is no way to open Mac DMG file on Windows manually. It only requires a software program such as this. It is an easy, swift and fast way to reading data stored in the image file for free. It has no complicated features and a list of all items stored within was generated instantly. It was a really helpful product.

Kristi Morris,Vatican City

I had archived all my files to a disk image from my old Mac computer. However, it was really troubling when I found that Windows cannot open this file format. It requires some technical procedures which were all jargon for me. One of the sites recommended this DMG Reader. It helped solved my problem by allowing me to access my old data on PC. Thanks

Tyrone Stokes,Texas, USA

My company has multiple departments which work on different operating systems. Some work on Mac while others on Windows. Migrating from one OS to another, means transferring data from one format to another. This is when the DMG Viewer comes in handy. I save the files to disk image and copy to another. I purchased the product to help me manage different platforms more efficiently.

Gwendolyn Mendez,Manhattan, USA

Our team of experts is highly skilled in analyzing email and attachments. There are not many software that work on a Mac OS. We have to take backup to a disk image and transfer it to Windows PC for further study. This application helped us in many ways. The ‘Hex’ tab gave us broader understanding of data stored within. Even "File Properties" view was very much helpful.

Eunice RichardsWashington, USA