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Guaranteed Solution For Importing Outlook PST Data Into Live Exchange Server Mailbox

  • Import complete data from PST file into Exchange mailbox.
  • Provision to import multiple PST files to Exchange 2013.
  • Complete meta-information retained whilst importing data.
  • Live Exchange server environment necessary for importing.
  • MS Outlook installation is necessary for performing import.

How Is Exchange Import From PST Beneficial For Users?

Upload PST file to Exchange 2010

Do you want to upload your Exchange 2010 or any other version's data to Exchange mailbox? Do you have multiple PST files that need to be migrated to Exchange server? If yes, then Exchange Import is the solution that will fulfill all your requirements. This utility is designed with the purpose of importing PST files in Exchange mailboxes of all the versions of Exchange server.

MAP and Import PST Files

Map and Import PST File

The software enables the users to import the PST files directly into Exchange Server mailboxes. In order to perform the conversion, presence of Live Exchange Server environment is mandatory.

Locate PST Across all Networks

Locate PST Across Network

The users can import a PST file across the local network. The machines available across the network will be detected and after providing domain credentials, you can select the PST files. The PST files can also be searched in the local drives.

Import Bulk PST Files

Import Bulk PST File

The users have the provision to import bulk PST files into different Exchange mailboxes. In order to do so, the users need to select the PST files and provide the SAM account name of the respective Exchange mailboxes.

Meta Properties Remain Intact

Meta Properties Kept Intact

The Exchange Import software maintains the meta properties intact while importing the PST files from Outlook to Exchange server. The folder structure of the PST file remains unchanged when imported in Exchange mailboxes.

Steps To Import PST Files To Exchange Mailbox


Importing the Outlook PST files in Exchange mailboxes is a very simple procedure when done with the help of Exchange Import. The import process can be done in a few simple steps:


Click on Import to Start Procedure

Click on Import option to start the procedure.


Select Add Files option to Add Single Files

Select Add File (s) option to add single or multiple PST files.


Enter Exchange Mailbox to Import PST Files

Enter Exchange mailbox name to import the PST file (s).


Click on Import Option to Import PST Files

Click on Import option to import the PST files.

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Satisfaction Of Clients


The Exchange Import is the best intuitive and advanced tool that I have come across. The provision of importing multiple PST files enabled me to import a large data into Exchange mailbox in a very short matter of time.

Travis Bennett

I was not sure whether the Exchange Import would work in an effectual manner, but all my doubts evaporated when I run the software. It is a commendable tool and I am glad that I opted for the tool.

Dana Rogers

The feature to locate PST files across the local network and the local drives as well, enabled us to locate a large number of PST files from different machines over our local network. It is an effectual tool with great features.

Carla Lucas

The Exchange Import tool enabled us to migrate an entire batch of 50 PST files to different Exchange server mailboxes in a short matter of time. It is a time efficient and a feasible solution for PST import.

Joe Scott


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