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Extract Attachments from Batch PST Files

  • Extract attachments from bulk emails of PST files in batch
  • Extract All Attachment Types: RAR, Media, Documents, etc.
  • Attachment extraction applicable on all email folders
  • Various folder hierarchy maintaining options featured
  • No Size Limit Applicable: ANSI & Unicode type PST supported
  • Outlook Client Support: 2013 and all below versions

Reasons To Bank Upon Attachment Extractor

Attachment Extraction from Batch PST Files

Outlook is very much specific about its storage repository size. This is not only applicable to the older versions of the Microsoft based client but also affects the latter versions. The growing storage ultimately effects the performance of Outlook which is reflected on processes like; email exchange (send and receive), delay in running the application, failure at running the application, and more. These issues are faced due to the growing size of the PST storage for the respective account for which attachment is also somewhat responsible.

Extract from Batch PST

Extract from Batch PST

With the software, you can easily process multiple number of Outlook Data files at once for the extraction of attachments separately.

Process Bulk Emails

Process Bulk of Emails

Attachment extractor is built to process both ANSI & Unicode type PST files thus bulk of email support is not a big deal to be tackled.

Multiple Extraction Modes

Multiple Extraction Modes

There are three different modes featured by the software as part of attachment extraction, with / without or subject wise folder hierarchy.

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All Attachments Types

Outlook Attachment Extractor is capable of pulling out attachments of all types ranging from document types, media files, to compressed zip files & more.

Working With Outlook Attachment Extractor

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Storage space taken up attachments is almost equivalent to that of emails in a PST file. Thus, removing attachments and storing them separately would help manage the storage space in a PST file, which is effectively served by Outlook Attachment Extractor tool here. The application is a user-friendly platform to process multiple PST files of any given size and with any amount of email storage. Operating the tool is extremely easy and is conclusive in four simple steps as shown below with illustration.


Complete and Open PST Files

Click Open to begin adding PST files


Add Entire Folders to PST Files

Add File(s) or entire folder of PST files


Select Attachment Extraction Option

Choose the desired attachment extraction option and destination


Select Extract Option to Begin

Click on Extract to begin

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Amongst a market full of varied applications of the same type, it was very difficult to choose the right one. However, I came across the one meant for my requirements, i.e. Outlook Attachment Extractor. I am very happy to have chosen this tool! Thanks a lot to the entire team!

Henry, US

We had been working on Outlook for quite a long duration which ended up stuffing a number of emails into the account. However, the emails were important and regularly coming in use. Outlook Attachment Extractor proved to be of great help for pulling out attachments and saving us from the performance issues.

Philip, Wales

The application is absolutely great and is built with great potential. I have been working out for a long time as to which tool to get for myself. This selection has made me realize that not all third party applications tend to fail or fool. The support did a great job at assistance too.

Georgia, Cape Town

Even though I was very much well versed with third party applications, but using Outlook Attachment Extractor was extremely different. I was able to experience a lot of user friendliness after a long gap. This was astonishing and the performance along with end result was even more satisfying.

Antonio, Peru