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Outlook Duplicates Remover

A tool to remove duplicates from Outlook PST files/folders

  • Removes duplicate emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc.
  • Provides option to perform deduplication across or within folders
  • Tool is Capable to process multiple PST files in batches
  • Outlook must be installed and configured as default mail client
  • Capable to perform deduplication of ANSI and Unicode PST files

Manage file size and save your storage space by avoiding duplicates


Duplicate emails, tasks, calendars, journals, etc. may exist in the Outlook data files. These duplicates make it difficult to manage and may consume considerable amount of space in the PST files. So removal of duplicates saves considerable amount of spaces and manages PST file size. Moreover the duplicates make it easy to handle emails, calendars, etc. from Outlook profile. So Outlook Duplicates Remover is an essential tool in such scenarios. This tool helps users in removing duplicate contents from Outlook and efficiently managing PST file size.

Scan Outlook Duplicates Remover Tool

Scan and Add PST

The tool Scans and adds Outlook PST files to duplicates remover tool. Moreover, tool is equipped options to add individual PST file or folder with multiple PST files. Capable to remove duplicate from the scanned PST.

Multiple Naming Options

Select the Options

User can choose option whether to remove duplicity within the folder or across the folders. Moreover, option to select category from which duplicates should be eliminated.

Remove Duplicate Items

Remove Duplicates

Removes duplication from emails, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. The reduplication can be performed within or across the folders. The deduplication status is also show on the window.

Intact Email Properties

Keeps Email Properties

The best think about the Outlook duplicate remover tool is that entire Meta properties & email attachments are keeps while removing duplicate items.



Outlook database holds emails, tasks, calendars, contacts, etc. Outlook Duplicates Remover helps to detect and remove the duplicate contents from the PST files. Following is the basic steps showing how to remove duplicate contents from Outlook data files.


Launch and Add PST Files

Launch the tool & Add PST files.


Select Required Options

Select the required options.


Remove Duplicates

Remove the duplicates.


Close Application

Close the application.

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Choose Emails, Calendars, Contacts from Category  
Remove duplicates within/across the Folder(s)  
Preview List of PST Files  
Export Duplicates Eliminated Outlook PST Files 15 Items / Folder   All Items

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Due to my careless managing of my outlook profile the Database was containing duplicates in emails and contacts. The outlook Duplicates remover helps me to remove Duplicate contents from my Outlook. Thank you guys!

Latoya Pena

While restoring my archived PST file, I accidently opted for duplicates and I was in search of a tool to remove the duplicate contacts easily. I tried the free version and was satisfied so I upgraded to full version. Brilliant tool!

Amelia Carson

The Outlook Duplicates Remover assisted me in removing the duplicate contacts from the bulk of 1000+ contacts. This is an amazing tool which removed duplicates within fraction of seconds. Great work!

Andres Andrews

This is a brilliant tool that helped to remove the duplicate emails from the bulk of emails thereby managing the PST file size. The duplicate remover helped in removing redundant emails across various folders. Thank you, guys.

Candace Spencer

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