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SQL Decryptor Software

Decrypting SQL Stored Procedures With SQL Script Decrypt

  • Easily decrypt encrypted MS SQL server database
  • Two login modes (Windows & SQL Server Authentication)
  • Export as SQL server and SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts
  • Decrypt a large SQL database file of any size (no size limitations)
  • Support SQL server 2014, 2012 and all previous versions

Advantage of SQL Script Decrypt Program

SQL DeCrypter Software

SQL Server provides a mode to encrypt stored procedures in order to ensure that the snooping cannot visualize what is marching on behind the scene. Basically, the problem associated with this method of encrypting SQL Server database is it is not a secure protection mode for SQL Server database and its components. Moreover, SQL Server saves the source code vs. complied version and most of the users choose to depend on the code. In order to access the code, users need SQL Script Decrypt program to decrypt SQL Scripts.

Remove SQL file Encryption

Remove SQL File Encryption

With the help of SQL decryption software, you can quickly remove encryption from your SQL database that is.

Dual Login SQL File

Offer Dual Login Mode

The tool provides two login options, one is Windows authentication and other is SQL Server authentication.

Select BAK File

Export Selective Database Items

Once you will decrypt SQL database file, the tool will let you you to export a few selected data according to your need.

Export files after Decryption

Export Data After Decryption

The SQL Script decryptor tool allows exporting decrypted database into SQL server and SQL Server compatible SQL scripts.

Examine Working Steps of SQL Script Decryptor Tool


There is no denying the fact that encryption provides valuable data security to SQL Server users and protect it from the hackers attack. But it is suggested not to consider for all data and connections. Online Expert from the Field advises:

When you take in consideration to encrypt the SQL database, you must think about how the users will access it. Across a public network, if a user access the data, increased security must be ensured to protect data. Any use of encryption must constitute strategy for maintenance for certificates, keys and passwords.


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Preview Decrypted Scripts


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Export Decrypted Scripts

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