SQL 2005 Backup Recovery- Do It Easily Anytime

SQL 2005 Backup Recovery Options

For SQL 2005 Backup Recovery, SQL Backup Recovery software stands as completely a better solution. The users can restore the entire database stored in backup file with help of it. It can be used to perform convenient SQL 2005 Backup Recovery and easily repair corrupt SQL BAK files anytime. The SQL users can also use it comfortably due to its simple interface.

Let's take a look at how all the mess of SQL backup Corruption gets created and give birth to the need of SQL 2005 Backup Recovery

SQL 2005 Database is Corrupt over that SQL 2005 Backup Database is also Corrupt- Always on forums or blogs, many SQL Server 2005 users get seen sharing their problems of corruption in SQL Server 2005 database and corruption in SQL Server 2005 backup too. After seeing all this, the point directly goes to the issue,

"How the backup of SQL Server 2005 database also gets corrupt along with corruption in master database?"

What Else Makes sql bak File Corrupted?

This Information is Best as an Answer to this Point- When an SQL user takes backup of corrupt master database then, the corruption in his backup database also takes place. To avoid this, user should always run DBCC CheckDB, which helps in checking the integrity of database before taking backup but, if the user doesn't perform the same then, sometimes the corruption in its backup database also takes place.

SQL Server 2005 User Facing Backup Corruption- There was SQL Server 2005 user, who unfortunately had a PFS page header corruption in its database, which cannot be repaired with DBCC, he performed DBCC CheckDB and took the backup but, when he tried to restore database from that backup, he found that his backup is corrupt too. At that time, he was left with only two manual solutions,1) Restore a week old backup or, 2) Exporting all data into new database but, none of these manual solutions was relevant for him, so he preferred to choose a recovery tool and tool named SQL Backup Recovery proved as a rescuer for him. He was able to perform a convenient SQL 2005 Backup Recovery with the help it.

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SQL backup recovery tool according to me is the most efficient third party application that I have come across. The tool not only recovers the corrupt SQL BAK file but also exports it in SQL server database and also SQL server compatible scripts.

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Before coming across SQL Backup Recovery Tool, the task of SQL BAK file recovery was nothing more than impossible. But with this tool I was able to recover the entire data that had been corrupted in such an efficient way.

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The task to recover BAK files from corrupt SQL backup system is impossible to perform manually. SQL Backup Recovery Tool turned out to be a savior for me and I successfully recovered the lots data entirely.

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As soon as I lost my SQL server data, I tried to recover it from SQL backup. But unfortunately the backup was also corrupted. I was filled with the query How to recover SQL BAK files. SOL Backup Recovery Tool was the ultimate solution for all my queries.

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