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SQLite Database Recovery

Recover Corrupted SQLite Database Files with the Help of SQLite Repair Tool

  • Scan and repair the corrupted SQLite files
  • Recovers all the contents: triggers, tables, views, etc
  • No red line for file size: Tested upto 1.5 TB data.
  • Preview all the contents as such in the databases.
  • Export and save as SQLite/ MS access/ SQL MDF/ other databases
  • Choose DSN and allows data type mapping for this.

How worthy the SQLite file Recovery Tool is?

Recover Corrupt SQLite File

Have you met with any error messages or inaccessibility to the SQLite? Probably, your database may be corrupted by some activities. Therefore, SQLite file recovery can be perfectly carried out with the SQLite database repair tool. It is a simple and effective tool to recover SQLite databases.

Selective BAK File Item and Export

Recover inaccessible SQLite

The recovery tool scans and repairs the corrupted SQLite files and can previewed with its contents.

Save as Scema and Data

Export recovered files

The recovered files can be exported to SQLite/ MS Access databases. The selective exporting as well as filtering is possible.

Choose DSN Appropriately

Choose DSN Appropriately

Enable you to choose data multiple database source names while exporting to other databases like SQL or MS access.

Folder to Folder Mapping

Data Type Mapping

If you are choosing to Export option with DSN then one to one mapping of the data types are possible with files.



SQLite is the most commonly used light weight relational database which is used in by many applications. The web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox use SQLite for storing data within the browser. It is the most important flavor for the embedded systems i.e. SQLite has various applications in different domains. There are chances of getting SQLite files inaccessible or corrupt. The third party commercial finds you a solution to this.


SQLite database recovery

Choose the SQLite file


Repair corrupt dbx file

Scan the file


recover corrupt SQLite file

Preview the contents


SQLite repair tool

Export the contents

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SQLite Database Recovery— Trial & Full Version

Add .sqlite files  
Scan and Preview Database  
Save to MS Access MDB Database  
Export to other database using DSN  
Save as SQL MDF Database file  

Free SQLite Recovery Tool


SQLite file recovery

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It is amazing software that helped me to recover the content from the Mozilla Firefox history file places.sqlite. I extend my sincere appreciation to the work. Thanks.

Wesley Gardner,UK

I liked the SQLite database recover tool very much since it enabled me to read all the contents from the database without the queries that always troubled me a lot. Thank you guys.

Keith TateBrazil

SQLite database recovery is an excellent tool that helped me to export the SQLite database contents to MS Access documents. It was very much helpful tool, so I suggest you to try this tool if you need to recover SQLite files.

Maryann HansonNorway

The SQLite Database Repair helped me to recover all the data from the inaccessible files that troubled me during my works. Thank you for the excellent tool.

Meghan NortonThailand


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