Switch Gmail To Outlook And Put An End To Being Scroogled

Recently a lot of users have demanded to switch Gmail to Outlook after 'Google Scroogle' issue started coming officially in the news via, web sources. As quoted by 'The New York Times' Google has been accused of wiretapping i.e. intercepting the personal details or information of its users. Gmail Scan; as per Google authorities is a scan to check the emails in terms of violating its terms and conditions or having an unreliable attachment. However, this scan is basically what is used by Gmail to scan a user's personal data and use it for advertising purpose.


Yes, advertising; this is what came out in the video based report given by MSN that; Google goes through each and every word that every email consists of in any Gmail user's account from across the globe. A personal email is supposed to remain personal between the two people associated with it but Gmail crosses the line and goes through everything to sell advertisements that are based on the most personal information you shared through email messages. These may include ads on; property, relationship issues, loans, services for cell phones, etc to attract you to avail these services; the information of which you may have recently discussed in your email with a friend or colleague.

What More Has Been Observed?

The need to switch Gmail to Outlook is moreover justified because of the fact that its linked services were also lately observed being involved in such heinous acts. Google play, where a user is supposed to sign in using their Gmail ID in order to get apps was found accused of sharing extremely confidential and recognizable information without taking their consent related to the user such as their; name, email address, zip code, etc whenever they purchase an app from this respective app store.

Gmail Backup Process

The federal court has stated that the accusations that Gmail is made guilty of, are absolutely true and it does go through the emails to target users to their advertisements.

Meanwhile, Backup solution for Gmail which is one of those rescuing tools that is available to help users in backing up their Gmail emails, contacts, calendar, and documents into file formats that can be saved and maintained on a systems hard disk. This helps in avoiding privacy issues that are one of the biggest concerns of Gmail users presently. You can thus, save Gmail to PST Outlook, MBOX or even EML mail file formats as per your requirement and convenience because these mail file formats are stored on the system hard disk and not on cloud where they can be accessed by anyone. So, avoid getting scroogled now and switch to Gmail Backup