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Windows Backup Repair Tool

Software to repair Windows backup file created with the help of FREE Windows Backup utility (NTBACKUP.EXE).

  • Supports Windows NTBackup & VERITAS Backup Exec both .bkf files
  • Quickly scans & analyzes bkf file to see recovered files from Windows backup file right away
  • No Size Limits - you can repair and restore any size of BKF files
  • Option to "Search" within recovered backup file to quickly find out a required file
  • Forensically sound utility, which is helpful for forensic investigations of MS Backup files

What Makes It So Different

Key Features of BKF Repair Tool

Easy to use MS backup repair tool, which serves as an ultimate respite from corruption trouble by helping users restore Windows backup data immediately and accurately in no time at all. This tool needs no clarification, the long list of happy customers are itself an evidence that this tool is super-performing one. Still if you need a confirmation of its performance,then the FREE to try demo version is all-yours.

Dual Scan Windows Backup Repair Utility

Dual Scanning Modes

The tool offers Quick Scan to repair basic level of corruptions and Deep Scan for high level of corruption.

Search and View Windows Backup Repair Utility

Search and View Items

The software is able to search and view any particular file within the scanned Windows backup file.

Extract Selective Data Windows Backup Repair Utility

Extract Selective Data

The best thing about the tool is that you can extract a few required files instead of a complete data file.

Complete Data Recovery

Complete Data Recovery

Recover complete data from the backup file including; images, music files and other all documents.



Like they say sometimes even your backup plans can ditch you so be ready with plan B for any critical situation. Same is the case when your backup BKF file gets damaged and you need a Windows backup repair utility. Gone are the days when a mere corruption in a critical data file used to perturb the person owning that file or data. Now is the time when users have ample opportunities to get back data even if it gets corrupted severely due to a harmful virus or malicious Trojan.


Select BKF File to Scan

Select BKF File to Scan

Click on the scan file button to open Windows backup file for scanning.


Preview BKF File Data

Preview Data of BKF File

Once the scan process gets over, you can view files and their content


Extract BKF File Data

Extract BKF File Data

Select required files and folder to extract and save them to a healthy BKF file


Select Extraction Path

Select Extraction Path

Provide destination path to save extracted files to your PC.

Compare Editions

BKF Repair — Trial & Licensed Version

Three Scanning Modes  
Range Base Scan to Scan specific portion of .bkf  
Support Windows 8.1 and Other All Editions  
Repair and save entire data from BKF File  
Extract Recovered data in .bkf extension limited  

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What I like most about Windows backup repair tool is it's ranged based scanning feature that help to repair large sized BKF file in small portions. We have successfully repaired 5GB BKF file in four portions of 1-1 GB without facing any data loss issues, thanks a lot team for helping us.

Lee TopazUK

I have BKF file that contains all my important office documents but due to malfunctioning of system it goes in inaccessible mode. I had an urgent requirement of accessing all documents saved in BKF file but unable to it because of error message. Thanks to MS backup repair tool that help to recover all my vital documents from corrupt BKF file.

Rashid QuirshidAfganistan

The interface and compatibility of Windows backup repair utility are appreciable that help us to restore BKF file items in latest Windows 8.1 version without any technical issues. No special knowledge and skills are required to run the tool that helps even a non-IT person to operate flawlessly, Thanks.

Carl MarcozSydney

MS Backup repair software helped us to restore BKF file data irrespective of its size which we like the most about tool. We successfully restored all types of files including documents, images, multimedia,system files from corrupt BKF file of 3 GB effortlessly at once. We are highly obliged to the team for such creation.

Daniel AndrewzNorth Korea